PEREP_Analytics™ is no longer active. On 20th of June 2016 the "European Database Cooperative" (EDC) was launched. This new platform is set up to be jointly owned and operated by all associations in Europe.
For the first time, the industry benefits from a robust, comprehensive and non-commercial database which not only includes investment and fundraising data but, from 2017, will also incorporate performance and economic impact statistics.

The EDC database has multiple benefits for you as a contributor:

In order to access the new platform please use the following link:

You should have received an email with your login details and steps on how to activate your account. In case you did not and you are a private equity firm (GP) making primarily direct investments and being based or investing in Europe, then please request a login by accessing the Get in Touch with us section.

You can learn more about the new platform including FAQ here

The EDC's general Terms & Conditions can be accessed here and apply equally to the data you submitted in the past and to future surveys.