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PEREP_Analytics™ is a fully functional, centralized non-commercial pan-European private equity database with its own staff, internal resources and website where quantitative and qualitative data will be collected for bridging:

All National and Regional Associations in Europe have been invited to join the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) in this exercise. The vision is to turn PEREP_Analytics™ into the framework of a Private Equity Research Exchange Platform among cooperating national and regional associations and the EVCA where a triple-win scenario can be secured for members, national private equity associations and EVCA.

The on-line survey is accessible below. You should have received an email with your login and password. In case you did not and you are a private equity firm (GP) making primarily direct investments and being based or investing in Europe, then please request a login at info[at]perepanalytics[dot]eu. The survey aims to cover the full European private equity activity and is not restricted to the membership base of any of the cooperating associations.




An independent Governing Body has been set up to govern PEREP_Analytics™. Its overarching mandate is:

Composition of the independent Governing Body:

Agenda of the meetings of the independent Governing Body:

Any recommendations to improve PEREP_Analytics™ as a private equity data collection tool or as analyses delivered to the market should be sent to info[at]perepanalytics[dot]eu


Contributions to PEREP_Analytics™ are of prime importance to the European Private Equity industry, and here there are three more reasons why you should contribute:

Incentive Package to Contributors


How to get in touch with us:

Please select a country in the Choose a Country option below to get in contact with the analyst in charge of your country with any questions related to activity data collection via PEREP_Analytics™ and to assist you with the survey completion. Alternatively, once logged in, please click on Contact Us on the top right corner of the online survey.


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General questions can be sent to info[at]perepanalytics[dot]eu

The PEREP team is led by Iuliana Furica, Project Manager,, phone: +40-21-301.23.58, fax: +40-21-305.14.24